Environmental, Social AND Governance policy

Katalysator is a family owned investment company. The Møller family has since the start conducted their business based on the founders motto: “Det gjelder å holde sin sti ren” (English: “Stick to the straight and narrow”). This is a timeless expectation for all business the Møller family involves in.

Katalysator AS recognizes the impact we and our portfolio companies may have on the environment and society and is committed towards promoting principles for the protection of the environment, social responsibility and governance practices. Katalysator is through it´s ownership in different companies engaged in business relations all over the world. The challenges these companies meet is therefore wide.

Katalysator is a member of the Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (NVCA).  Our principles are based on the guidelines and code of conduct from NVCA regarding the investment industry. We commit to comply with UN Global Compacts ten principles, Convention Against Corruption and Principles of Responsible Investments.

In accordance with Principles of Responsible Investments, Katalysator is committed to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance issues into investment analysis, investment criterias, decision making processes and our portfolio companies´ policies.

Katalysator requires our owned companies to review their business in the Environmental, Social and Governance context to identify risk areas, take action and disclose incidents in breach of the policies.