Established in 1931, Alfa Sko AS is a leading Norwegian provider of boots for trekking, skiing and professional purposes.
The company is based in Jaren, Norway.

Investment Rationale

  • Modernize company and brand
  • Close down loss-making own production
  • Establish one company with one brand
  • Reduce dependence on military contracts
  • Improve cost efficiency

Initiated and/or completed projects

  • Closed down own production, moved head office
  • Acquired A-Sport, the licensee of Alfa ski boots
  • Completed a thorough rebranding- and design process
  • Modernized organization and improved cost structure
  • Increased sports revenues, removing dependence on military
  • Establish international presence

Key Facts

Country Norway
Revenue NOK 100 million
Acquired 2007
Katalysator ownership 74%
CEO Pål Olimb
Chairman Calle Sibbern
Katalysator representative Kim Strømsborg