Katalysator is an active long term investor in privately held Scandinavian companies.

Katalysator is a family-owned (Møller/Schage Førde) investment company organized under the holding company Aars (www.aars.no). Aars is also the owner of Møller Mobility Group (www.moller.no) and Møller Eiendom (www.mollereiendom.no). Møller Mobility Group is a leading Norwegian automotive importer and retail group, and employs 4 300 people and has revenues of more than NOK 28 billion. Møller Mobility Group is also a significant importer in the Baltic, and owns 67 car dealerships in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States. Møller Eiendom owns a portfolio of 386.000 sqm. in Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States.

Katalysator's portfolio companies have combined revenues of near NOK 3,7 billion and approximately 2 400 employees. 

Katalysator was established in 2004 as a merger between Møller Investor, Møller Industrier and Strømmen Forvaltning.